Investment preparation

  • Supporting materials (maps for design purposes, geological surveys, etc.).
  • Architectural, construction, land development and electrical projects.
  • Reports and analyzes of the investment's environmental impact and project qualifications.
  • Representing the investor in front of the state administration body leading to obtain all decisions and permits necessary to build the object.
  • Representing the investor in front of entities responsible for connecting utilities leading to obtain the necessary conditions and opinions, and signing relevant contracts.

Steel structures design

We have our own design and construction department, which means that we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, starting from the design and ending with the handing over of the finished construction.

We design objects made of steel or reinforced concrete-steel structure.

These projects are carried out using modern programs, which combined with an experienced team of engineers guarantees reliable work. Our optimization results in a reduction in the weight of the structure, and thus a reduction in costs while maintaining the highest safety standards and meeting applicable standards.

Base stations design

We provide services in the field of:

  • preparation of technical and economic concepts
  • designing new, and modernizing existing base stations in locations such as roofs, chimneys, towers, churches and others
  • inventory of steel towers, masts and chimneys
  • preparing full documentation required in administrative proceedings
  • preparation of opinions and technical expertise

We have a qualified team of designers in the field of construction, general construction works, electrical and telecommunications installations. The documentation prepared by us meets the standards required by law, which allows us to obtain the necessary permits and carry out construction and installation works on the site.

Building base stations

  • We build base stations from scratch, including towers and masts, as well as installations on existing facilities such as chimneys, churches, residential and office buildings.
  • We implement the construction or adaptation of technical rooms.
  • We carry out electrical works related to power supply and installation of lightning protection systems.
  • We install antenna systems, radio lines and indoor antennas.

Our competent staff, thanks to their experience and completed training, will meet even the most demanding projects

Integration of base stations

The OMC department deals with the integration and supervision over the proper functioning of individual network elements as well as the expansion of the existing infrastructure of GSM 900/1800, UMTS 900/2100, LTE 800/1800/2100/2600.

Our extensive experience in the telecommunications industry allowed us to carry out such works as:

  • Integration of new base stations using Huawei or Ericsson equipment
  • base stations SWAP, replacement of Huawei equipment with Ericsson or vice versa.
  • Modernization of base stations using Huawei or Ericsson equipment
  • Reconfiguration of existing base stations
  • Monitoring, management and verification of correct operation of network elements using the U2000 (Huawei) and ENM (Ericsson) platforms
  • Management of radio links
  • Tracking, verification and removal of alarms and warnings appearing at base stations


Modernization of base stations

We carry out modernization works consisting in:

  • replacement of devices and transmitters
  • expansion and reconstruction of antenna masts
  • cable replacement and data flow optimization


From among 51 thousand Polish enterprises, whose financial results in January 2019 were examined by the European Business Institute, the title of the Cheetah of Business 2018 was awarded to 1944 companies in the construction industry -
2S sp.z o.o. was in this excellent group in 913 place.

2S sp. z o.o.

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