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2S photovoltaics

We desing and implement photovoltaic installations

We are a solid partner using innovative technology

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2S photovoltaics

A proven company that will allow you to avoid further increases in electricity bills for the next decades

For 2S, each photovoltaic installation is a step towards reducing the greenhouse effect. However, the most important thing is that the installation is created for a specific person and house, so that it meets all the requirements, is aesthetic and safe. We treat photovoltaic installations like suits - "we sew to measure".

As an experienced company, we know, that in addition to working on proven components, assembly is crucial, which is why, our power plants are installed by the most qualified electricians and installers. Their work has stood the test of time.

The use of only proven hardware from reliable manufacturers which ensures that the warranty is kept
Qualified and experienced installers who know how to deal with the most difficult situations
The continuous development of the company and its employees determines the use of the latest technologies
Assistance in obtaining subsidies and submitting installations to the energy related governmental bodies
Meeting standards and local regulations, so that you can always easily obtain grants
Lots of satisfied customers
Specialists available 24/7
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2S photovoltaics

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Installations from A to Z

From individual consulting, through design and reliable installation along with connection to the network. Each stage is performed by a specialist so that the expectations and assumptions are fully met.

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2S Telekomunikacja 2S Telekomunikacja

Maintenance equals safety

During the warranty period, in addition to the annual inspection of the photovoltaic installation, we add a professional module cleaning service to optimize profits.

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2S Telekomunikacja 2S Telekomunikacja